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Audio Play

Polliwog   |   Ancient Hero  |   ChimeraBunny

Perfect Cell vs Batman [TAS]   |   Batman |   DevilArtemis


Aero Origins   |   Blitz, Demon Captain, The Darkness  |   Desertski Films

Runic Acres   |  Bukbuk  |   Witchbrim Studios

Alchemist's Fire   |  Kett Masran (Lead)  |   Hyphoria Universe

Legend of Glaive   |  Giryu  |   Global Media Bank Japan

Have You Heard? |   Host/Narrator  |   Holo88

In-Game   |   Lokarn, Makintaro  |   Smyton4tw

Nardo Shippuden Z  |   Rick Grimes  |   Smyton4tw

Nightwing: Year One  |   The Joker  |   Mortalverse Audio Dramas


Smite 2 |   Fallen Zeus (Forms 1-3)  |   Hi-Rez


Smite |   Fallen Zeus (Forms 1-3)  |   Hi-Rez


Hunt Showdown |   Hayalî The Shadow Puppeteer  |   Crytek

Black Desert Online |   Theater Clown A, Mysterious Man |   Pearl Abyss


Conqueror's Blade   |   Fatih Sultan Suleyman  |   MY.GAMES

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty  |   Brocade Sail Pirate A, Soldier A |  KOEI TECMO GAMES CO.

Bloodlust 2: Nemesis  |   Ninji  |   WRF Studios

Old Time Religion: A Fallout 4 Quest  |   Tribesman Gawonii  |   Josh Rodriguez

Near and Far   |  Golgabeast, Toadfolk Man, Statue Head, Pyramid Guardian, Stone Golem, Booming Voice |   Forteller Games

Live Action

Obi-Wan Kenobi Part VI  |  Partisan Pilot  |  Lucasfilm

Winter Soldier vs. Red Hood   |   Batman (VO), Joker (VO)  |   DEATH BATTLE

Wrap72 Episode 0: War  |   Sharktooth  |   Ismahawk

The Goddesses   |   Zeus (VO)  |   Breeze Entertainment

The Boxer Promo |   Coach K  (VO) |   WEBTOON

Hardcore Leveling Warrior Promo |   Lucid AI   |   WEBTOON

Jungle Juice Promo   |   Additional VO   |   WEBTOON

The Strongest Florist Promo   |   The Spirit of Life   |   WEBTOON

Weak Hero Promo   |   The Snitch  (VO) |   WEBTOON

The Best Friend  |   Sigmund Freud (VO) |   Sevgi Cacina

Interactive Dobby Elf Doll |   Dobby The House Elf (Toy VO)  |   Spin Master


Star Wars: The Mission   |   Rebel Commander, End Bumper Voice  |   Disney

Speechless | Narrator VO | Panera Bread

HTLF Agribusiness Promo  |  Narrator VO  |   Gigantic Studios

The Patty Melt Returns |   Narrator VO  |   Habit Burger Grill

Ranch Scented Candle  |   Narrator VO  |   Habit Burger Grill

Santa Barbara Char: 10 Years  |   Documentarian Voice  |   Habit Burger Grill

It's In Your Hands  |   Narrator VO  |   Habit Burger Grill

A Father's Lullaby |   Father #1 |   Gerber

Training & Workshops

  • Chuck Huber's Master's VO Class

  • Audio 101: Intro To ADR with Jose Sandoval of Funimation.

  • Extensive ADR experience. Trained with Jason Lord of Extra Terrible Studios.

  • Rachael Messer's Marketing for Voice Actor's Boot Camp

  • Years of theater experience through grade school.


  • Leading Role in Cannes Film Festival's,"Best Animated Feature Award"winning animated mini-series, Aero Origins.

  • Grown a dedicated following on Youtube & Twitter through voice acting showcase videos.

equipment list

  • Rode NT-1 Microphone

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface

  • Audacity DAW & Izotope RX8

  • Sound treated recording space to ensure broadcast quality audio.

Download Full Resume

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